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Subliminal Harassment In The Workplace

As Applied To Professional Employment In The Software Industry

I. What It Is

Subliminal Harassment (SH) is known by several other terms such as head games, mind-fucking and jerking around works by causing the mark, the individual being targeted, to be made so uncomfortable, irritated, depressed, intimidated or frightened that they can be manipulated into doing things they normally would not do voluntarily but not be consciously aware of the fact that they are being harassed or manipulated. Properly executed SH give all the benefits of traditional overt harassment but none of the legal liabilities since it difficult or impossible to prove that is has occurred. And, you can get the U.S. government to subsidize it:see R&D Tax Credit

Generally, SH involves creating a subliminally unpleasant environment, playing upon common guilt trips, use of FUD or sometimes light forms of traditional overt harassment.

Guilt trips are subconsciously fears that can be aroused within and individual to agitate, harass or make them more vulnerable to manipulation. They can very according to race, religion or cultural background. For example, typical fears for W.A.S.P.s are age, sexuality, job competency, job or financial security, loss of standing in the community, health status, mental stability. For immigrants, the ability to communicate in English. Verbal or graphic representations of racial, social or religious stereo-types are also effective: the mugger African American man, the lazy Latino, the greedy Jew, overly aggressive feminist or the child molester gay male to name a  few.

FUD(fear, uncertainty and doubt) was formally a technique used by mainframe computer companies to keep customers from drifting to competitors. However, the technique is very useful for creating a subliminally uncomfortable work environment facilitating high turn-over. Your goal is the keep the mark state of constant fear( e.g of loosing his/her job or reputation), in a state of uncertainty(e.g. about the future or skill set) and in a constant state of doubt(e.g. about ability to perform job or career future).

Mild forms of overt harassment such as the putting the mark in an physical uncomfortable work environment (death row), loud noises such as loud banging, talking or laughter, dropping termination notices on the mark's desk or conversations with upsetting information meant to be overheard by the mark in the work area can also be effective.

In later sections of this document, techniques and scenarios will be outline that you can implement in your company or organizations that will allow you to selectively employ SH against anyone you desire. There are not set rules, you just need to follow the basic outline but improvise as needed. Properly executed SH will leave the mark disoriented, angry, lonely, confused and vulnerable but unable to prove that he/she has been targeted for harassment - he or she will not even know what hit them! Good luck!

II. Why It Is Done

A common question is: Why would a company do this? Why would a company go to the trouble of hiring someone even giving them a higher wage or salary and then turn around and harass them into quitting? Where's the profit in that? Here are some of the reasons.

It all comes down to one word: turn-over. Every company and organization from churches to large multinational corporations have it. It is a part of the natural order in nature and in human social organizations. People